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What makes us different?

A website is the face your clients see. Behind that face are the nuts and bolts of your service-based business, and that’s where we start.

Off The Hook Websites takes a wholistic approach to create your web design. We don’t just paint a pretty face for your online presence, we get your business back on track and help it shine from the inside out.



Business owners have a vision. They take their life into their own hands and strive for something greater through initiative.


A happy business is not the end goal. The real goal is a happy life, which can be influenced by a happy business.


A website is not just a pretty face. If used in the right way it can be a powerful marketing tool that is part of a bigger system.

Hopefully I will be able to ask you these questions in a way that helps you to understand where you think you’re going.
And then we can start….







Our Latest Work

Our latest work

We combine visual design with SEO, copywriting, and website performance to shape the online manifestation of your business.

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Realising Your Potential
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It all starts with communication. If you’re ready to realise your potential, transform your business to align with your dreams, and take your life back into your own hands, stress no more. Say hello!

Do I really need a website?

Do I really need a website?

Do I really need a website? I'm just a Bookkeeper. Yes, you do really need a website. But a good one. If you're totally happy with how your business is going, you don't need to change anything.But if you're not, why keep doing the same thing and expect a different...

Welcome to my new website, Off The Hook websites.

Welcome to my new website, Off The Hook websites.

Hello everyone, Welcome to my new website, Off The Hook websites. My name is Will Hooke, and I run this business. I'm based in sunny Melbourne, Australia. We're not just a Creative Web Design Agency, because we'll help you to realise the potential that’s hiding inside...