Cheap website design – no.

About Off The Hook websites

We came about because we saw a real need for Bookkeeper web designs to be modernised. Do we offer cheap website design? – no. We’ve gone away from something that might only impress other Bookkeepers & Accountants. Instead they become something that potential clients of Bookkeepers can identify with, to engage with the Bookkeeper about their financial needs.

So here we are!

We feel that a website will serve you much better than simply being an online


Our Mission

We help you realise your potential by creating a website that gets out what your business is about.
If your Business plan is only in your head, it doesn’t help you or your potential clients. We get this onto your website effectively so your potential clients will engage you. They can see themselves working with you to heal, not medicate, their pain points.

We have been making Bookkeeping websites for 3 years now, adding to the Bookkeeper’s sales and marketing team, even if they don’t have one.

Being a great technician isn’t enough, if you never get to meet with your ideal clients.

Our websites are crafted to help you to achieve those transformational goals.

Our Vision

Small Business is an essential part of the success of the Australian economy. Bookkeeping and Accounting help small business to be successful, not by simply processing financial data, but by helping bosses understand what they can do in the short and long term future.

If they don’t know where they are in their accounts, how can they know what to give their attention to?

By helping our clients get their business onto their website, they can successfully engage with Small & Medium Business owners, and bring about the transformation many companies need, for them to be an asset that contributes to Australia’s success.


Cheap website design – no; effective, yes.

At Off The Hook, we don’t really want to make an online brochure for your Bookkeeping Business. We want to create something that adds value to you, so you will be able to engage with potential clients who are inline with you values.

For more examples of the websites we have created for Bookkeepers, please visit: The Savvy Bookkeeper

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