Do I really need a website for Bookkeeping?

I’m just a Bookkeeper?!

Yes, you do really need a website. But a good one.

If you’re totally happy with how your business is going, you don’t need to change anything.
But if you’re not, why keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?
If you want to get quality clients, you really do need a website for Bookkeeping.

Who you are:

And really, you are not just a Bookkeeper. That is wrong thinking, big time. Bookkeepers do much more than be a cog in the machine of Australian business. Without accurate books, how can a business owner, or CEO or CFO, make informed decisions about taking their business to the next level, or what to target to stop the company leaking money and keeping the company afloat?
Bookkeepers are much more than that. Even if your Bookkeeping skills are entry level, it contributes to what the Bookkeeper and Accountant department gives to the company, and that is not merely compliance to the law; it’s incredibly useful information.
So don’t think like that, and don’t believe other people who think like that towards you.

So why do I need a website?

Okay, so now you realise that you are a valuable part of any company, you see that it is important for you to be known about, and sort after.
That happens through Sales & Marketing; which is not something many Bookkeepers like doing.
Part of that is a website.

A good website is much more than an electronic brochure or business card that you hand out to people and have them gasp “ooh, glossy!”
You wouldn’t do your bookkeeping all in your head, and your business plan and offering shouldn’t be in your head either.
And once you’ve done the bookkeeping, do you just share the spreadsheet, or Xero, or MYOB ~ data with the boss?
No, you give the boss the take home, the too long didn’t read version. The boss needs the answer, not how you got there.
This is just like with your website, it is the distilled version of your business plan and offering, all on the five pages of your website.

The website then filters people out.

So Your bookkeeping practice doesn’t do payroll? Then Mrs Café owner doesn’t waste his time or yours having a chit chat about what you do. You do BAS lodgment? Then Mr Plumber comes to you, because you can help him with what he requires. We all know that busyness doesn’t mean anything; it’s results that counts. The filtering out of not ideal clients saves you time, and lets you actually do your work and contribute to those who engage your services.

I’ve got a website, now what?

If you have a website, that doesn’t mean it is working for you. There are things you need to do to get it seen, and be effective, for your Bookkeeping website to work for you. If you have a website, and all your Bookkeeper buddies, Accountant amigos and Financial friends all love it, but your Café-owner compadre, or Massage-therapist mate glaze over at it, then it probably isn’t going to get you new clients. Unless you are targeting Bookkeepers, Accountants and Financial officers, that is.

Having effectively written content, that accurately shares who you are and engages your ideal clients, is really essential.

Getting all this hammered out is what we do here at Off The Hook websites. If your business needs a website that engages people you want to work with, because it has the essential component of what your business is about, we can help you.

For more information on websites that I have been involved in bringing online, please look here: The Savvy Bookkeeper website designs

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