Marketing and sales website for Bookkeeping – is your website doing this for you?

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Hello everyone, Will Hooke here, and I want to ask you questions about your website. Is yours a Marketing and Sales website for Bookkeeping? A website should help you do marketing and sales for your Bookkeeping business.
If it isn’t, why do you have one?
If it is just to tick a box, then you are spending money on hosting or a subscription fee, and not getting a return on what you are paying for ~ which is simply pouring money down the drain.
Given that a client could be worth $10,000 annually, the cost of a website and keeping it relevant with engaging content, it is a small investment for potentially a big return….

Did you know that a website can take the burden of recruiting new clients off you; meaning you don’t have to only rely on word of mouth referrals?
Given the online nature of Accounting software these days, you can get clients outside of your region, and even in other States.
This is a great deal for country Bookkeepers, who are otherwise fairly isolated physically.

Not every Bookkeeper wants to “grow their business” ~ despite what many industry thought leaders tell us.
Many want to refine their business; get paid what they feel they contribute to their client, move on troublesome clients, and replace them with appreciative ones.
A website, with the appropriate indication of who you are as a Bookkeeper, and who you want to work with, allows you to advertise your services, without the pressure of paying for someone to cold call people.
Your website is live practically 24/7; and if you rank for search terms potential clients are entering into Google, you will show up. Even when you are asleep on a Saturday morning.

Creating a website helps you understand you, your business, and how sales and marketing relates to it.

This is an excellent tool for a Bookkeeper or BAS Agent to have ~ a delight in marketing and sales is a rare thing for those in the Bookkeeping industry. But even in that, your website can help you.
That’s right, the process for getting the content for the website will help you solidify who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with. That means when you do interact with people face to face, at Woolies, or the beach, etc. you already have a neat presentation fresh in your mind of these things. Essentially people want to know if you can help them. The details of that ability is secondary in importance to them; they need to know can you help them with their accounts.

If you engage with us to get your website, you will get a web design that will be tailored to your target market, not your fellow Bookkeepers and Tax Agents. After all, you aren’t looking to impress your accounting colleagues and acquaintances, but get Mr and Mrs Cafe owner (if that is your ideal client) to go to your website and think; finally, this Bookkeeper gets me!

For more information on websites that I have been involved in bringing online, please look here: The Savvy Bookkeeper website designs

To get in touch to begin the process to get a Bookkeeper website design that will help your Bookkeeping business, please feel free to use the contact form to Contact Will

Thank you for your time.

I hope I have provoked you to think about your website, and if it is working for you, or not.

Regards, Will.


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