Hello everyone and welcome to my new website, Off The Hook websites. Are you looking for a Bookkeeper website? Look no further. I create websites for Bookkeepers, so they can have an online presence to help with their Sales and Marketing, as well as realising who they are, what they do, and who they want to work with (figuring out their target market, and their value proposition statement).

My name is Will Hooke, and I run this business. I’m based in sunny Melbourne, Australia.

We’re not just a Creative Web Design Agency, because we’ll help you to realise the potential that’s hiding inside of you. I have been involved in creating Bookkeeping websites, and making fresh designs for Bookkeepers with old websites. What was good a few years ago will not look as good these days ~ the technology has gotten bigger and better.

The purpose of the website I will craft for you is to help you; creating it will get the copy you need for the site, but it will get who you are down in writing. This will align who and what you think you are offering, with how that is being presented to your potential clients. Being able to present who you are like this will filter out the people you are not looking to engage; for example, if you are a Bookkeeper, and you don’t want to do payroll, not much point in having Café or Restaurant owners contacting you. It will filter in the people you do want to work with, because you have concisely shared who you are and what you are about. And the whole point of all this will transform your business, which will transform your life.

The purpose of a business is to give you life. If your business runs you, you’re doing it wrong. Easy to say, but let’s work together towards you running your business instead. And don’t worry, I’m a work in progress too!

I craft websites on WordPress, which is used by over 30% of websites around the Globe, so you’re in trusted hands.

WordPress is open source technology, which means to use WordPress is free.

Some website platforms use proprietary technology, which means the company who creates the application, charges for it. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, the advantage of open source technology is that, say, John Johnson might think; “Hey, I want to create a good website security application (called a plugin in WordPress talk), and I want it to do this, that and the other.” And he creates it, trials it, and releases it. Then he gets feedback; good, bad or otherwise. And so he refines it.

Sometimes this plugin will be free (there is a sense of community amongst open-source users) and other times it will command a premium. And sometimes it be a hybrid of the two; freemium, the introductory offer is free, but if you need the extra features, then you need to pay.

And then Bob Roberts might think; “no, that’s not the way to do it, it needs to be done like this” ~ and so you have two guys working on security, and competing against one another. This makes them improve their product, and leads to a virtuous cycle.

This example is true in other areas, like browser caching (which helps your site to load faster), blocking spam come through your contact forms and blog comments, maximising SEO (which helps your website to rank higher on a Google search, without spending money for Google Adwords), enabling things like a pop-up chat that even links to your business’s FaceBook Business page, and so on.

In that way, the open source technology that WordPress offers leads to a snowball effect, where it picks up size and momentum, and is able to overcome all sorts of obstacles on the way. This is a great blessing!

Get in touch if you are interested in enhancing your Bookkeeping Business.

Now you know something about us, what we will be doing, and the technology used to create your working website; feel free to contact me if you have any questions after looking at the rest of my website. This whole process all starts with communication. If you’re ready to realise your potential, transform your business to align with your dreams, and take your life back into your own hands, stress no more. Say hello!

For more information on websites that I have been involved in bringing online, please look here: The Savvy Bookkeeper website designs

To get in touch to begin the process to get a Bookkeeper website design that will help your Bookkeeping business, please feel free to use the contact form to Contact Will



Thank you for your time.