The perfect bookkeeper website (5 of 5)

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Tailored, Responsive, Affordable Bookkeeper Website Designs

Affordable Bookkeeper Website Designs are what we want to share with you. A website is an excellent addition to any Bookkeeping Practice. Because it helps you to put on paper who you are, what you do, and who you work with, your business plan is no longer an idea, but a reality. We are skilled in sales and marketing, something that many Bookkeepers and BAS Agents are not interested in doing or learning about. Why not find out how you can work with us, so we can make a done for you website a reality that others can experience and interact with, instead of a never started project?

*This is a Guest Post from my wife, Amy Hooke. (More about Amy here

In this five part series I’m going to share with you;

Off The Hook Websites are;


Bookkeepers love our designs. We tailor your website to specifically communicate with your target client. All designs are completed by Amy Hooke, who understands the bookkeeping industry, because she has been a bookkeeper for nearly two decades!


Your website will automatically resize to the exact device your customer is using (desktop, laptop, table or smartphone). You will have a professional look and be able to sell your products and services on any size screen.


You will have an attractive website in no time without breaking the bank. We will provide you with information about pricing and inclusions to help you decide if it fits your budget.

Affordable… would you like to see pricing plans? I’ll show you those in a moment

Our process is;


We will answer all your technical questions like “do I need hosting?” or “can you register a domain name for me?”. And your design questions about things like “where can I get an affordable logo?” and “how quickly can I have my website up and running?”.


We have a 3-Stage Process…Stage 1 = Before, Stage 2= During and Stage 3 = After. Each stage has easy-to-follow steps and comes with a checklist you can save or print. We also give you access to a private portal during the second and third stage.


Designing your website doesn’t have to be another chore in your business to add to the list. Amy Hooke will make sure it is an insightful, enjoyable process of discovering new things about your clients, industry and brand that will help your business grow.

Our plans.

Our portfolio

View our portfolio

Book a free consultation

Still have questions?

Book a free consultation with Amy Hooke

VIP Membership

All website designs come with a lifetime VIP memberships which means you get;

  • all webinar replays (normally $50 each)
  • amazing speakers on a range of relevant topics such as;
    • Katrina Aarsman – Bookkeeper HQ – planning and goal setting
    • Debbie Roberts – Pure Bookkeeping – Engagement letters
    • Rachel Fenn – Early Bird Bookkeeping – Fixed Pricing
    • Sophie Hossack – Receipt bank – Asking for referrals and building your team
    • Amy Hooke – dealing with bad clients, marketing, branding, websites and doc solutions
    • Lauren Waine – Marketing and Graphic Design Consultant – Social media marketing
    • Jeri Murphy – Which Add On
    • Laura Elkaslassy – Profit Pioneer – profit first
  • worksheets
  • group training
  • group discussion
  • private VIP portal
  • discounts
  • find out about special deals before everyone else

Normally $77 per month.

Affordable Bookkeeper Website Designs

I know that you will benefit from these Posts, whether you press on and do it yourself, or if you prefer to engage our services in making an effective Bookkeeper website to expand your Sales and Marketing department. Or as a result, start your Sales and Marketing department! We understand that your expertise is in doing Bookkeeping, BAS Lodgement, Tax Reconciliations, etc. You don’t need to learn a new field of skills through trial and error, you are already busy enough. Because of this, follow our advise and leverage the expertise we have already learnt by putting in to practice what these 5 posts teach. As a result, you will avoid the common mistakes Bookkeepers make on their websites.

You will see that having a website is a very useful addition to your Bookkeeper Business, but it can be more than an online brochure – it can do work for you!


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