Costs (and Hidden Costs) of Bookkeeper Website Designs (4 of 5)

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Bookkeeper website costs; the Costs (and Hidden Costs) of Bookkeeping Website Designs

You are a Bookkeeper, so we know you are interested in getting this right. But the field of website design is new to you and you don’t know everything to account for. Because of this, we write this Bookkeeper website costs post, so you won’t get any surprises and can budget an appropriate amount of money to cover all your expenses.

*This is a Guest Post from my wife, Amy Hooke. (More about Amy here

In this five part series I’m going to share with you;

The following are based on a basic 5 page website, and are on the conservative side to give you an idea what you could expect to pay.

Start up costs

  • 5 Page Responsive Website $800 – $1500
  • 2 Rounds of Reviews (included)
  • 5 Images $90-$150
  • Contact Form AND Location Map $50-100
  • Google Analytics $50-100
  • Social Media Links $20-$50
  • Facebook Widget OR Video $20-50
  • Copy-writing $500-$1000 (Very conservative. Good copywriting can costs $2500 plus)
  • SEO $500-$1000

Total Cost $2,030 – $3,950


12 payments of $169 – $329

Annual costs

  • Hosting $250-350 per year
  • SSL Certificate $100-$150 per year
  • Domain Name Registration $40-$120 per year
  • 1 Change Per Year $100-$500

Total Per Year = $490 – $1,120

Total Per Month = $40 – $93

Total first year and consecutive year costs

First Year = $209 – $462

Consecutive Year = $40 – $93

Branding and marketing cost

  • Branding and Marketing Assistance $500 – $1,500
  • DIY Logo $0- $100
  • Fiverr Logo $50 – $200
  • Professional Logo $300 – $500 (very conservative. A great logo could cost upward of $1,000).

This doesn’t even count advertising costs to get visitors on your site. My point it, it all adds up!

Bookkeeper website costs, all covered.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and now you know what to budget for. No one likes getting to the register and find out what they thought the item was priced at wasn’t really the price! Now you can set aside enough money to get something that works for you, without getting any nasty suprises.

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