The perfect bookkeeper website (3 of 5)

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Bookkeeper website design and technical terms

Bookkeeper website design types and technical terms is something that you need to know. We have already made many Bookkeeping websites. Because of that, we already know what things are, what they are called, and where they should go. Let us guide you along the path, so that your Bookkeeping website will help your marketing and sales for your Bookkeeper Business 🙂

*This is a Guest Post from my wife, Amy Hooke. (More about Amy here

In this five part series I’m going to share with you;

Here are the Bookkeeper website design and technical terms;

What is a website?

A website is a collection of pages that live on the internet.

A series of related web pages hosted online on a single domain name

A website is created by a special language.

Some examples of website languages, also know as code, are website language HTML CSS and Java.

In the backend is made up by code.

The front end displays text and images.

A website can be coded from scratch or customised on a pre-coded platform.

What is a Domain?

Your domain name is your block of land

The domain name is your address. Normally it starts with www which is a sub-domain. And then your domain is A domain name is considered a “piece of real estate” and some domains are considered premium.

Standard domains can cost around $15 -$40 per year. Premium domains are normally over $1,000 but often around $3,000.

When I enquired about they asked for an offer. I said US$100 and they came back and said they wanted US$75,000 and would I like to make another offer. So I offered them USD$200. They didn’t go for it!

What is hosting?

Hosting – your rent

Both your domain name and your website itself require “hosting” which is normally an annual payment which gives you ownership of the domain name.

Web Pages – your house

This is where all your content, text and pictures go. The stuff that your potential clients see.


Responsive – resizes to the size of the device you’re on (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone)

Mobile site is a separate dedicated mobile-sized site, not just responsive but normally a minimal site that is optimised for a mobile phone.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting traffic to your site, it includes keywords, image ALT tags, title meta tags, meta descriptions, URL keywords, backlinks and interlinking

Traffic –refers to the number of visitors though it can relate to your website statistics and analytics.

Analytics is the data provided about the traffic, traffic sources (which referring websites and keywords worked) and activities (ie how long they visited a page and which pages) and it’s data is used for optimisation of the site.

Types of websites:

There are four basic types of websites. Really only the first two are relevant to bookkeepers.

Static – is an online brochure that gets designed once then doesn’t change.

Editable – Content is regularly changing content to keep it fresh and friendly with Google.

Dynamic– A website that is requiring more interaction like log ins and membership areas.

E-commmerce – for selling, online store, shopping cart etc,

Bookkeeper website design and technical terms, all covered.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and put these things into practice. Now you don’t need to learn what to do but you do need to do them! Creating a website that accurately represents you, what you do, and who you work with is fun, hard work, and rewarding. Especially when you get your first client from it!


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