The Perfect Bookkeeper Website | Five Part Website Design Series (1 of 5)

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The Perfect Bookkeeper Website | Five Part Website Design Series

Are you a female entrepreneur in the bookkeeping industry? Would you love to feel more confident about marketing your services?  Do you need help developing a business plan? Or a brand suited to your personality, lifestyle and goals? You need from us; The Perfect Bookkeeper Website.

And if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I’d love to work with you. (More about me here

*This is a Guest Post from my wife, Amy Hooke.

The reason for putting this training together to help bookkeepers to improve their websites. Having a great website benefits you as an individual, in that you can build your client base, and earn more income. It also increases the overall image of our industry as a whole and helps business owners understand the importance of the bookkeeping role.

It’s great if we can learn from our mistakes. And it’s even better if can learn from other people’s mistakes. Seeing as I’ve made so many of them in my business, and especially with my website, I consider myself a an expert who is now fully-qualified to help you navigate building your own site so that you don’t have to waste as much time and money as I did.

In this five part series I’m going to share with you;

Part 1: Introduction

My first website was terrible. It wasn’t even a real website but a Blogger blog. I remember emailing my friend in Public Relations to ask for feedback. “Uhh it’s… a start. But you need to do a lot more work.” I asked for suggestions and she said “Try to come up with a tagline.”

I didn’t really know what that was, so I Googled around and started what was my very first research into the world of marketing and value propositions.

It was when I started to look at other bookkeepers’ websites for inspiration, that I found something very interesting.  I found inspiration, that’s for sure. But unfortunately, I mostly learned what NOT to do.

What I noticed were that bookkeepers were making common mistakes. I started to take notes of those mistakes and do the opposite on my website. Then one day, I felt happy to show my website to other bookkeepers so I posted it on Facebook. To my surprise, I started getting messages from bookkeepers saying, “You should do website designs” and “can you make me a website?”. That’s how I got into this business! And my love for this new profession has grown and grown.

I’m going to share with you some of those mistakes, not to make you feel bad, but help improve your website. My mission is to provide a facelift to websites across our industry, and help bookkeepers be more successful in their online marketing.

Click here to continue to Part 2: Mistakes and tips


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