Websites for Bookkeepers.

Yes ~ We do webdesigns for Bookkeeping clients!

Hello everyone, Will Hooke here. Today I wanted to share that here at Off The Hook websites, we specialise in creating websites for Bookkeepers. This stems from my wife, Amy Hooke from the Savvy Bookkeeper, having 20 years experience in Bookkeeping.
Amy has done all sorts of different Bookkeeper jobs, and loves sales and marketing.
Apparently only two percent of Bookkeepers do!
That combination of talent, experience, and enjoying something that isn’t a typical forte of bookkeepers gives us a skillset that is quite rare amongst people offering to make websites for Bookkeepers.
Our approach is that if you already had a website, you wouldn’t be contacting us. The fact that you are contacting us means you don’t have one (or maybe your old one isn’t performing for you like you want?) and we are here to help.
We do all the Copy (the text for the website), and design of the site, as well as providing the high quality images.
Typically you are interviewed, and from that and your logo design, combined with Amy’s insight into the world of Bookkeeping (both as a Bookkeeper and the owner of a non-Bookkeeping business), we have all the information we need to create your site.
It is all done for you!
We understand that you probably are more interested in serving your clients, making sure their BAS statements are lodged, and their accounts are up to date, to be learning a new skillset to make your own website.
You want help with your sales and marketing, and have realised that a website is an excellent way to add those elements to your Bookkeeping business.
Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, are excellent ways of getting new business. But once you have spent your money, the ads are gone. A website compliments that by having a permanent foot online.
And yes, we also do Marketing with Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns 🙂
If you are interested, please get in touch. To get in touch to begin the process to get a Bookkeeper website design that will help your Bookkeeping business, please feel free to use the contact form to Contact Will
Thank you for your time.